Happy Holi-Daze!

We know this time of year is crazy, and your health can take a back seat to the demands of, well, everybody. So remember us, when:

  • You wake up sniffling or just feeling off. Schedule a same-day sick visit, get immunized, or strep or flu tested. You name it, we can help you slay it!
  • You wake up worried: So last night you met someone cute, and you had a GREAT time. And this morning you’re a little nervous that things got out of hand. We get it. We can offer same-day STI follow up, PreP (think of it as Plan B for HIV exposure), and other services that help you figure it out, and deal.
  • You’re about to blow it on your resolutions: Maybe you vowed to get healthy, see a doctor regularly, or just find the right primary care physician for you! We’re happy to become your medical home – for the holidays and beyond!

Finally, put yourself first every day, but especially this time of year. Remember what health experts tell us (and then practice it!):

  • Sleep! Try to get at least 7 hours of good sleep every 24 hours. Good rest helps you manage stress, think clearly, and get through one more ugly sweater party.
  • Exercise! The gym is a lonely place in December. But if you can’t make it, remember there’s always a staircase, or a faraway parking spot, or a quick morning stretch available.
  • Eat right: One tip we love is to show up at those Christmas parties with a full stomach. That way, you won’t be tempted by the cheese, and brownies, and open bar, and brownies, and the br….you get it!

If all else fails, call us any weekday and plan a visit. We’ll do all we can to get you back in shape for the new year!