Achieving Wellness in Your Mind and Body

Did you know that your mental health can have a direct impact on your physical health?

It’s true. Medical professionals often find that patients experiencing a wide range of physical challenges are actually dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

That’s just one of the reasons Truesdale Medical Center has launched a new mental health counseling service. Directed by Sarah Yum, we’ll offer 45- and 60-minute sessions to individuals, couples and families. Whether you just need a one-time “tune up” or an ongoing counseling relationship, Sarah is here to help.

Best of all: her services are covered by most insurance, which is a rarity for mental health professionals in this community.

And like all of our services, counseling is completely confidential. We’re here to help you achieve your best life, by balancing your physical and mental health in harmony with one another. Call us today to book an appointment or learn more.