Building Demo Complete

Blank Slate Ready for Renovation Two months ago today, we announced the purchase of the old T&T Sportsman’s Building located at 5064 Rivers avenue. Since that day, work has continued as we prepare the building for an exceptional transformation. “The future is brighter than ever when I think about all the possibilities this new location… Read more »

Mental Health Month Wrap-Up

As Mental Health Awareness Month ends, you still have a couple of days to do something special to care for your mental health.   Just like caring for your physical health, home, pets, work, and vehicle, mental health is an important part of wellness.  Here are some excellent ways you can sneak in a little self-care… Read more »

Intersex Awareness Day

Today is National Intersex Awareness Day, the anniversary of a momentous gathering of intersex individuals in Boston in 1996.  Did you know that intersex traits occur in 1.7% of people, or 1 in every 2000 individuals?  According to GLAAD, that’s about as common as red hair.   People who have intersex traits and variations in sexual… Read more »

The Gender Unicorn

October is a month full of significant days in the LGBTQIAP community.  With National Coming Out Day on October 11, National Pronoun Day on October 17, and Intersex Awareness Day on October 26, we are thinking a lot this month about identity and self-expression.  One of the most popular illustrations for how sex, sexuality, and… Read more »

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