Chronic Disease

Managing Chronic Morbidities

At our primary care center, our leading primary care providers, treat a number of chronic morbidities that could be causing pain and discomfort in your life. We provide the compassionate care you and your family need to take control of an illness that may be affecting your health as well as your quality of life.

With your provider’s help, you’ll find it possible to maintain and improve your health so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. We specialize in treating a variety of chronic morbidities using a combination of medical treatments and lifestyle modification techniques to help you deal with your illness.

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What We Treat

Some of the most common chronic morbidities we treat include:

  • Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, puts a strong strain on the heart that can lead to hypertensive heart disease and coronary artery disease if not properly treated. Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke, aneurysms, peripheral arterial diseases, and chronic kidney disease.
  • Diabetes is caused when the body can no longer properly regulate high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Untreated, diabetes can cause serious long-term complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.
  • High cholesterol can cause an increased risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease if not properly treated.
  • Regular functions in older bodies begin to slow down as we age. This can cause a number of health problems and geriatric diseases. Our team helps guide you comfortably into old age by dealing proactively or in concert with any possible geriatric diseases.
  • An imbalance in the producing of thyroid hormones can cause a number of health issues. Our team is able to decipher what type of thyroid disease you are suffering from, and offer effective treatments to help you regulate your thyroid hormones.


We accept Medicare/Medicaid and nearly all major insurance plans including:

Care Improvement Plus
Golden Rule
Mail Handlers
Medicaid / Medicare
Planned Administrators, Inc (PAI)

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans contact our clinic directly at 843-266-3870.

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