What Does Getting Better Look Like?

An orange arrow pointing in the direction of a person's next stepWhen we begin working on goals for mental health, generally we already know something is off, whether it has been catastrophically obvious or a slow burn under the surface.  We might not always understand how to get there, but we know we want to get better.  We start to chip away at the problem, hoping something will clear.

But this is getting ahead of ourselves.  We might know what is wrong, but do we know where we are going?  What goals do we have?  What do we wish for?  What is the best we can hope to achieve?

It turns out that some of the most powerful work we can do toward getting better is to figure out what “better” looks like.

Often, I find that people either don’t take the time to define “better,” or if they do they sell themselves short.   Identifying that problem leads many people to realize they haven’t accepted their own potential or worth, and that is where the real work begins.  When we start to think about where we are going, then we know where to take the first steps.

If you need help taking those first steps, we’re here for you. 

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